Gluten Free Multi Millet Pongal Mix 1 KG




Gluten Free Multi Millet Pongal Mix is the South Indian relative of the North Indian khichdi. This versatile, nutritious, and delicious delicacy fits in any menu, occasion, and place. Graminway Madras Navane Pongal Mix is a low-fat and low-calorie mix – a complete treat for your body. Subtle hint of curry leaves in the gluten-free blend confirms the flavour of the place it belongs to. Add finely chopped cashews to this split green gram and foxtail millet preparation to make it richer. You’ll surely fall in love with it.

Cooking guidelines:

  • Take one cup of Pongal mix.
  • Add 3 cups of water.
  • Pressure cook and serve hot.
  • To enhance flavor, temper in ghee with some jeera seeds and cashew.


Foxtail Millet, Little Millet, Yellow Moong Daal, Jeera, Black pepper, Ginger Powder, Salt, Green Chilly Flakes, Heing ,Curry Leaves and Cashew.

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