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Buckwheat (kuttu) is one of the world’s oldest crops and is believed to have originated in Southeast Asia around 6000 years ago. Buckwheat is not wheat but a plant with seeds that can be ground to make flour. These seeds were once used to feed cattle but as its nutritious values became clearer it has gained prominence as a superfood across the world. Buckwheat has plenty of protein, minerals, and fiber and is used to make everything from soba noodles to porridge to pancakes.

Graminway’s Kuttu Dosa is made from locally sourced buckwheat grown by farmers who use sustainable farming methods, without chemicals or pesticides. It is then hand ground into a fine powder along with ajwain (carom seeds) to make the dosa batter. This ready-to-make mix doesn’t require any advance preparation and is perfect for those rushed mornings when you need breakfast ready in minutes!   

Cooking guidelines:

  • Our easy-to-make package comes pre-mixed with all the ingredients to make the perfect batter
  • Take 1 cup of Graminway’s Buckwheat Dosa mix
  • Add buttermilk and make a dosa consistency batter and let it rest for 20 minutes. 
  • Heat up your tawa, add a few drops of oil 
  • Spread the batter and cook on medium heat for 2-3 minutes 
  • Add a few more drops of oil, flip the dosa
  • Voila! Crispy, hot dosa is ready! Best had with green or coconut chutney and a hot cuppa!


Kuttu Atta, Rice Flour, Salt, Urad Daal , Green Chilly Powder, Caraway Seeds, Ginger Powder and Dry Coriander leaves.

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