Crunchy Soya Chips 100gm




Tired of ignoring those yummy chips and reaching out for the carrot juliennes instead? Well, with Graminway’s Crunchy Soya Chips you need not stop yourself anymore! Our chips are healthy snacks made from freshly pounded soy beans made into flour. Soy flour is rich in protein, iron, and vitamins. It’s low in carbs, and also gluten-free.

We source our soybeans only from the environment-friendly, sustainable farms in Maharashtra that don’t use chemicals or pesticides. The quality speaks for itself in the flavour, which is enhanced by our mix of hand blended, aromatic seasoning that hits the sweet spot by being mildly spicy. Goes perfectly with a hot cup of chai if you ask us! We then slow roast them with the least amount of oil and serve them to you sans preservatives. Who said taste and health cannot go together. Now, do you feel less guilty about chips?


Soya Flour ,Urad Daal, Tapioca, Edible Vegetable Oil, Black Til, Milk Solids, Iodised Salt.


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