Bamboo Shoot Murabba 500gm


Bamboo shoots were thought to be native to China but recent findings in Assam show that bamboo was around much before it reached China. Bamboo is used in a wide range of applications from furniture to food. Bamboo shoots are used widely in dishes across the North East and Nepal as well as in South India where they form the key ingredients in monsoon-special dishes.

Graminway’s Bamboo Shoot Murabba is made from bamboo shoots sourced all the way from the vegetable’s birthplace – Assam. Bamboo shoots are great for controlling cholesterol, promoting weight loss, and boosting your immune system. We preserve all its qualities as we boil, and preserve in sugar syrup! Have Graminway’s Bamboo Shoot Murabba with dal-rice, chapati or even just by it self!


Bamboo Shoots, Sugar Syrups, Adidity Regulator (INS-330) and Preservative E211
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