Almond Chocolate Granola 300gm


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Doesn’t it feel great to have a healthy yet tasty start to the day? Or have snacks that you don’t feel guilty about? Graminway’s Almond Chocolate Granola gives you exactly that. Indulge your sweet tooth and boost your health with this delicious swirl of dark chocolate flakes, almonds, oats . Simply mix it with yogurt or milk and feel the difference that good quality grains and nuts can make. 

Almonds and Oats  are loaded with vitamins and nutrients that lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Healthy fats, and antioxidants our Almond Chocolate Granola mix contains zero preservatives and no added sugar. Delicious and low-fat too. It can’t get better than this, seriously!


Rolled Oats, Instant Oats ,Salt ,Cinnamon Powder,Black Pepper powder,Almond,Cashew,Chocolate and Coffee.

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